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About Us

Suzhou Yongyuan metal co., ltd is one of the most professional company which supply imports and domestic quality aluminum alloy plate,rod,profile etc.In order to meet customers' needs,we bring some engineering plastic, anti-static materials,composite material,insulation materials and other high-end series of products and with the developing of years,we have become one of the limited enterprises which are engaged in full range of engineering plastic products.

Below is our mainly supply engineering plastic products:

Import and domestic:POM ,UPE,PE rod/plate,bakelite plate,anti-static organic glass,PC board,epoxy plate,anti-static fiberglass(FR-4).

Germany GEHR company production of PVC-U,POM,POM
ESD,PVDF,PES,PAI,PETP,PSU,PEEK sheet/rod,synthetic stone etc.

Germany imports of organic glass,PC plate.

These products are widely used in accuracy mould, prototype design & jig, mechanical industry, hardware & electric appliance, printing & packaging, mining & oil-field, construction project, electric manufacturing, aerospace engineering, and many other industries and fields.
We uphold the belief of customer first,to provide customer satisfaction products is our principle.

Hoping for a great cooperation with  friends all over the world.

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