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Synthesizing stone

Synthesizing stone(black,grey):glass fiber compound is designed to satisfy different needs on painting process of PCB , which can remain its physical properties when temperature rise to have its wave soldering without any deformation nor laminate separation at a severe temperature of 350°C at short term and 300°C in continuous exposure; this can improve PCB quality during the wave soldering to prevent pollution of gold-finger or contact hole caused by human contact.

■ Main Properties:

High mechanical strength, high temperature resistance(350°C in a short term), low thermal conductivity, low water absorption, good chemical resistance, antistatic property, good dimensional stability, wasy processing and excellent physical properties.

■ Application:

PCB and electronic industries including fixtures for insulation test, wave soldering, reflow soldering, SMT surface mounting technology, pass stove tray and clamps for flow convection oven.

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